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Copia Wealth Acceleration Pathway


We will take you through 9 step-by-step strategies for building your wealth. The Wealth Acceleration Pathway is a solution-driven financial planning concept bringing together these 9 steps.

COPIA Vision: Invent Your Ideal Future 

During this meeting, we’ll explore your dreams, hopes, and the bigger game you want to play. We’ll show you surprising strategies for making a meaningful transformation in your human, intellectual, financial and civic assets. By understanding what’s possible empowers you to turn your ‘wish list’ into a ‘got it’ list. 


COPIA Wealth Acceleration Pathway 

You’ll learn about the key concepts, principles, and strategies for accelerating your wealth, starting right from wherever you are now. You’ll get clear about the steps to take to produce results that mean the most to you. 

COPIA Discovery & Review 

We take you through a structured, comprehensive approach for understanding your current financial position, resources, strengths, and opportunities. 


COPIA Present Plan: Your Current Financial Snapshot 

After gaining an understanding of your current situation, we take a one-page look at where you are financially, the products, tools, and strategies you have, and a list of action items to complete. 


COPIA Success Formula 

This meeting ensures your understanding of necessary financial principles and the recommended “success formula” for your financial and civic assets. Some of the key areas include wealth transfers, recovering lost opportunities costs, and getting one dollar to do the work of many. We also discover hidden assets (money and other assets) and find and plug money leaks.


Copia Wealth Acceleration Strategies

We give you a clear numerical “x-ray” of your current economic environment; this is the road you’re heading down. We’ll identify real and potential problems. Then we’ ll show you how to make more efficient financial decisions by redirecting your existing resources. 


COPIA Action Blueprint 

The Copia Action Blueprint is a visual model that shows you a set of unique strategies for achieving wealth and prosperity. This blueprint also provides mathematical calculations verifying that there is a more efficient way to accelerate your wealth. These strategies create better benefits, more money supply, and improved cash flow that enhances your lifestyle without spending any more you are currently spending today. 


COPIA Acceleration In Action 

With all contracts, supporting documentation, and preparatory steps completed, your Copia team begins implementing your wealth acceleration plan and making things happen! This is a very exciting time because all your efforts are coming to fruition and now you get to see your money actually working for you. 


COPIA Accountability Factor 

To ensure you stay on track, we arrange private coaching sessions as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual review meetings. 

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Request an Assessment with Us

We can perform a number of different assessments to help you determine if you’re on the right track. Submit your details and we’ll be back in touch shortly. Feel free to email us at:

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