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Meet Elisabeth & The Copia Team

By using insurance as an  asset protection tool to fill the gaps

in your portfolio, you

grant yourself a 
permission slip to spend and enjoy the assets you have built.


Elisabeth has been a financial adviser for over 20 years. She is the founder of COPIA Wealth Management & Insurance Services and COPIA Wealth Management Advisors Inc., organizations that provide comprehensive financial advising with education to help her clients achieve their desired wealth goals. Her investment philosophy has been one of risk management and tax mitigation strategies. The cornerstone to her success is the vigilant recognition that losses hurt you more than gains help you.


Finding creative ways to protect and grow the assets of her clients has been her professional passion for over 20 years. She specializes in helping those that desire safe stable returns that deliver solid growth but want to see their principle protected with as little risk as possible. Her organization’s macroeconomic approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s “Wish List” and financial engineering strategies to achieve successful results with minimized risk. Unlike other traditional financial planning firms, COPIA Wealth Management & Insurance Services and COPIA Wealth Management Advisors Inc. with Elisabeth as President and CEO, educates and counsels her clients through every financial task and decision in their lives.


Elisabeth’s commitment to the retirement needs of Americans has led to numerous endeavors. She has been featured on the cover of Prestige Magazine, guest starred on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, and The American Dream, written numerous articles for various online distributors, hosted a radio show on The Answer AM 1170/FM 96.1 and published the book Wealth By Design: Ways To Love Your Retirement. She also currently hosts the video podcast Ways To Love Your Money. To learn more, visit and


After seeing the first-hand effects of the burgeoning health care crises among America’s retirees’, Elisabeth began teaching a variety of courses throughout San Diego County in an effort to educate and help improve the health, and consequently the lives, of Americans.

Elisabeth specializes in working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals, couples, families and multi- generational legacy families. Her financial areas of expertise include: insurance, various investment strategies, income protection, tax mitigation strategies, and wealth accumulation strategies If you would like to see how you may be able to increase the returns on your assets while decreasing your risk by 50% – 85%, then Elisabeth may be the one to help you.


At COPIA Wealth Management & Insurance Services and Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc., we enjoy the challenge of finding customized solutions to all of your financial needs. Whether you’re looking to increase the returns of your portfolio while decreasing the risks of investing, decrease your tax burden, or just get your financial affairs into order, COPIA Wealth Management & Insurance Services and Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. are uniquely positioned to help you accomplish all of your financial goals.

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